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European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. (2017) Online policy and practice briefings: Vulnerable young people.

External website: http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/best-practice/briefing...

Many young people experiment with drugs but only a minority become dependent on drugs in young adulthood. Those who are most vulnerable to drug dependence are socially disadvantaged young people and those having family members and peers who use drugs. Individual factors, such as poor impulse control, also increase vulnerability, as does the use of substances at an early age.

Vulnerable young people who develop drug dependence are more likely to report anxiety and depressive disorders; psychotic symptoms and disorders; suicidal ideation and suicide attempts; blood-borne infections; and failure to complete their schooling and secure employment. It is not always clear to what extent these problems increase the risk of drug problems, or having a drug problem causes these problems

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