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[Medical Independent] Alcohol in primary care. (09 Oct 2015)

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The Medical Independent highlights the most recent ICGP advice to those working in primary care about treating the effects and symptoms of alcohol misuse

With the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill expected to be debated during the current Dáil session, there will be a political focus again on the health consequences of alcohol misuse in Ireland. Those working in primary care have particular  first-hand experience of the real human cost of this problem.

On average, Irish adults binge-drink more than other Europeans, with 44 per cent of drinkers saying that they binge-drink on a regular basis.

According to the RCPI Policy Group on Alcohol, every month 88 deaths in Ireland are directly attributable to alcohol.

“Alcohol-related harm costs the country an estimated €3.7 billion a year in health, crime/public order and other ancillary costs, such as workplace absenteeism,” warned the RCPI group in its pre-Budget submission last year.

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