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[irishhealth.com] Heavy drinking increases stroke risk. (02 Feb 2015)

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Heavy drinking in your 50s and 60s significantly increases the risk of stroke, even more so than traditional risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure, a new study has found.

Czech researchers followed the progress of over 11,500 twins in Sweden over a 43-year period. All of the participants were under the age of 60 at the beginning of the study. At the end of the study period, almost one in three had suffered a stroke.

The researchers compared the effects of ‘heavy drinking', which was defined as more than two alcoholic drinks per day, to ‘light drinking', which was considered less than half a drink every day. They found that overall, heavy drinkers had a 34% increased risk of suffering a stroke compared to light drinkers.....

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2 February 2015
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