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Scheier, Lawrence M and Hansen, William B, eds. (2014) Parenting and teen drug use: the most recent findings from research, prevention, and treatment. Oxford: Oxford University Press .

Teen drug use is a critical and timely health issue that deeply affects adolescent development in a number of important areas, including social, cognitive, and affective functioning, as well as long-term health and wellbeing. Trends indicate that drug use is starting at an earlier age, the potency of several drugs is much stronger than in the past, and more new drugs are illegally being manufactured to provide faster, heightened effects. In addition, illegal use of prescription drugs and drug diversion or the sharing of prescription medication is also on the rise amongst teens. Parenting and Teen Drug Use provides comprehensive coverage of the most current research on youth drug use and prevention, carefully and meticulously presenting empirical evidence and theoretical arguments that underlie the mechanisms linking parental socialization and adolescent drug use. Written by leading experts, chapters examine the causes and consequences of drug use, the myriad ways to prevent it, and the latest findings from the prevention research community regarding what works, with a specific emphasis on parenting techniques that have shown the most promise for reducing or preventing drug use in teens. Parenting and Teen Drug Use will provide valuable insight to a wide audience of clinicians, treatment providers, school counselors, prevention experts, social workers, physicians, substance abuse counselors, students, and those who work with youth on a day-to-day basis to influence positive youth adaptation.
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