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Health Education Bureau. (1980) Education against addiction. Dublin: Health Education Bureau .

The first annual conference of the Health Education Bureau on 'education against addiction' was held in the Great Southern Hotel, Killarney from 27 - 30 November 1979. More than 300 delegates, speakers and discussion group leaders were present. These represented such diverse fields as youth administration, the prison services, drug rehabilitation and education.

• Minister John O’Leary – Opening address
• Marcus Grant – Keynote address
• Professor Noel Walsh - The nature of addiction
• Dr Dermot Walsh – Addiction in Ireland – problem in perspective
• Dr Sten Martens – Recognising the potential addict
• Michael Goodstadt – Drug education: effectiveness of preventive measures
• John D Swisher – Addiction prevention – future directions
• Jerry O’Dwyer – Conference report and recommendations
• Anna May Harkin – Extracts from review of ‘strategies in alcohol, tobacco and drug education’.

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