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Burgess, Robin, ed. (2011) New principles of best practice in clinical audit. Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.

With the NHS committed to making quality the centre of treatment, clinical audit – a proven and effective process for measuring quality and driving its improvement – has never been a more topical issue. Now thoroughly updated and rewritten, this new edition describes the process by which health professionals, managers and other NHS staff can assess the standard of care they deliver and how closely it corresponds with recommended best practice.

It sets out the key principles of clinical audit practice, detailing advances in recent years such as simplified and accelerated audit, improved patient involvement, attention to ethics and methodology and the embedding of clinical audit in organisational governance as well as clinical practice.

This book is essential reading for all those who undertake clinical audit or are training to do so, including health practitioners, managers and commissioners in the NHS. It will also be useful to patients who contribute to audit governance.

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