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[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Alcohol toolkit created for primary care. (19 Dec 2013)

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There remains reluctance on the part of patients and GPs to raise issues around alcohol problems, Mr Rolande Anderson, the former ICGP alcohol project director has told the Medical Independent (MI).

Mr Anderson has just developed the “first comprehensive alcohol management toolkit for GPs” called BRIEFcases. The toolkit contains information, leaflets and questionnaires for GPs.

“It is not only to help with more difficult cases but also people who are drinking too much for their own health’s sake,” he told MI. Mr Anderson began working on the idea following last year’s publication of the Steering Group Report on a National Substance Misuse Strategy.......

Lundbeck are supporting the roll-out of BRIEFcases nationwide with distribution of the toolkit as well as an accompanying one-hour training session for all of those who receive a pack. If GPs want to organise a meeting about the BRIEFcases in their area, they are asked to contact Lundbeck directly at (01) 468 9800


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