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Lewis, Todd F (2013) Substance abuse and addiction treatment: practical application of counseling theory. Toronto: Pearson Education Canada .


"Theory-based approaches to substance abuse counseling." "Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment "shows how to help clients struggling with addiction by looking through the lens of counseling theory. After tackling basic concepts of substance abuse and dependence counseling, it looks at different counseling theories and how each supports the client with substance abuse issues. Offering more how-to's than most books, the author provides concrete descriptions of counseling theory in action, so readers know how to intervene during a real counseling session. A consistent case study is used throughout the entire book to illustrate different treatment approaches and techniques. •Looks at substance abuse counseling through the lens of counseling theories--focusing on treatment techniques based on major counseling theories.

•Emphasizes theoretically-grounded counseling interventions--working on essential how-to's.
•Provides concrete descriptions of counseling theory in action--showing what it looks like to treat a client with substance abuse from different theoretical perspectives.
•Follows a consistent chapter organization--that introduces the theory, explains its major tenets, applies the theory to substance abuse counseling, includes multicultural considerations, illustrates with a case study, and then summarizes strengths, limitations, and ethical issues.
•Uses a consistent case study--to illustrate different approaches to substance abuse counseling.
•Includes access to the interactive, one-of-a-kind "MyCounselingLab "website--a robust site that connects course content to video-and case-based real world scenarios using assignments, counseling skills exercises, and multiple-choice quizzes

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400 p.
Pearson Education Canada
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0133388956, 9780133388954
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HRB 5124 (Available)

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