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McLaughlin, Eugene and Newburn, Tim, eds. (2013) The SAGE Handbook of criminological theory. Sage .

The SAGE Handbook of Criminological Theory recenters theory in the boldest, most thought-provoking form possible within the criminological enterprise. Written by a team of internationally respected specialists, it provides readers with a clear overview of criminological theory, enabling them to reflect critically upon the variety of theoretical positions - traditional, emergent and desirable - that are constitutive of the discipline at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Each chapter has been specially commissioned to include the following:

•A brief historical overview of the theoretical perspective
•Core ideas and key associated concepts
•A critical review of the contemporary status of the perspective
•Reflections on future developments

In addition, the Handbook features a substantive introduction by the editors, providing a review of the development of criminological theory, the state of contemporary criminological theory and emergent issues and debates.

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