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[irishhealth.com] , Condon, Deborah Irish have 'permissive' attitude to alcohol. (09 Nov 2012)

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The cultural attitude to alcohol in this country has moved from one of ambivalence to permissiveness, with many people simply accepting drunkeness as the norm, an addiction counsellor has claimed.

According to Rolande Anderson, who practices in Dublin, today in Ireland, public and private drunkenness 'are apparently acceptable and many of the excesses associated with alcohol and their related consequences are permeating all areas of life'.

He noted that addiction counsellors nationwide offer services to people of all ages with various alcohol-related problems, but certain trends are now emerging.

Women in their 50s and older, and young people in their 20s and 30s, are now attending 'in large numbers'. Many of these also suffer with depression or anxiety and some have other addictions as well. Many are also 'battling financial and domestic difficulties'.

He described the statistics on alcohol consumption as 'pretty damning'. In 2010, the average Irish adult consumed almost 12 litres of pure alcohol - this is equivalent to almost 500 pints of lager, 125 bottles of wine or 45 bottles of vodka.

Mr Anderson said that while some doctors 'fear uncovering an alcohol problem because 'Pandora's box' is then opened', GPs have an important role to play in reducing alcohol misuse....


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