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Khan, Khalid and Kunz, Regina and Kleijnen, Jos and Antes, Gerd (2011) Systematic reviews to support evidence-based medicine. London: Hodder Arnold .

As our current healthcare practice and policy increasingly relies on clear and comprehensive summaries of information collated through systematic literature reviews, it is necessary for us to understand how reviews and practice guidelines are produced. You may not be trained in health research methods, but this book will enable you to grasp the principles behind reviewing literature. In this way you will be able to critically appraise published systematic reviews and guidelines, and evaluate their inferences and recommendations for application in your practice.

Published reviews and guidelines are not always adequate or sufficient for our needs. Have you ever wondered how you could conduct your own review? The resources required for undertaking reviews are increasingly becoming available in a clinical setting. The appointment of clinical librarians, internet access to many journals, ease of obtaining interlibrary loans and the availability of user-friendly software make it possible for systematic reviews to be conducted by healthcare practitioners. This book highlights the core information necessary for planning and preparing reviews. It focuses on a clinical readership and new reviewers, not on experienced epidemiologists, social scientists, medical educationalists and statisticians. Using this book you will be able to initiate your own review.

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