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Pryce, Sue (2012) Fixing drugs: the politics of drug prohibition. Palgrave Macmillan.

Drug use is an inherent part of our culture. Since the Sumerians wrote of the 'joy of the poppy plant' in 3000BC to the crack dens of today, people in every society have wanted to use drugs. Drug policy cannot be effective until this basic fact is acknowledged and incorporated into policy-thinking. Until we recognize that drug use is an integral feature of society, it cannot be eliminated. In this unique and engaging new book, the former chair of DrugScope Sue Pryce tackles the major issues surrounding drug policy. Why do governments persist with prohibition policies, despite their proven inefficacy? Why are some drugs criminalized, and some not? And why does society care about drug use at all? In a highly polarized debate, in which emotions run high and hysteria is common, Pryce illuminates these questions and guides us through the problems, possibilities and realities of drug policy around the world.

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