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European Public Health Alliance. [EPHA] "Brewers’Pledge is nothing but a public affairs exercise" says EPHA. (28 Feb 2012)

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On the occasion of an event in the European Parliament marking the Brewers’ of Europe’s "Brewers’ Pledge" EPHA has issued a reaction, expressing our scepticism at the ability of modern technology and self regulation to tackle the enormous harms caused by alcohol misuse in Europe.

EPHA has released the following comments today (28 February 2012) on the occasion of an event organised by the Brewers’ of Europe launching what they have called the ’Brewers’ Pledge’. The Brewers claim that the Pledge represents a proactive stance on their part to tackle what they themselves recognise is a ’serious issue’. Their promise to address this with ’informational campaigns’, however, does not go far enough.

"What the alcohol industry call a ‘proactive stance’ to tackling alcohol harm through self regulation is in fact nothing more than a desperate pre-emptive measure on their part to avoid more restrictive, binding legislation. In other words legislation which might actually go some way to tackling the enormous harms caused by alcohol misuse, both to those who misuse, and to third parties." reacted Monika Kosinska, Secretary General of EPHA

"The industry may claim that disseminating information via social media tools will fulfil Commissioner Dalli’s message to "live up to today’s challenges by using today’s tools" and reduce alcohol related harm, but we in the public health community know that this is a smoke-screen for aggressive marketing to young people. There are three principle factors affecting consumption; price, marketing and availability. Moves taken by the alcohol industry to change these are welcome, however the ‘Brewers’ pledge’ appears to be merely a public affairs exercise." continued Kosinska.


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