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Hourigan, Niamh, ed. (2011) Understanding Limerick: social exclusion and change. Cork: Cork University Press.

In 2007, following the Fitzgerald Report, the Irish government launched a 500 million euro project for the regeneration of areas of severe deprivation in Limerick City. The establishment of these projects, though greeted with great public acclaim, was in many ways an acknowledgement of the failure of successive public policies to tackle the complex sets of problems which existed in Limerick. Although the regeneration process is now in full swing, there is evidence that the approach being adopted by state agencies is not drawing comprehensively on the body of research which already exists on social deprivation in Limerick. Understanding Limerick: Social Exclusion and Change addresses this gap by gathering together recent expert research on Limerick which draws on a range of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. By piecing together these expert perspectives, it argues that the severely deprived in Limerick have experienced a range of different forms of social exclusion which have intersected in an almost unique way to create the current crisis in some neighborhoods. Contributors to this text have expertise in a range of research fields including sociology, social policy, planning and urban regeneration, gender and ethnicity studies as well as law and criminal justice perspectives. This edited collection provides not only an overview of available research on Limerick but also attempts to establish how lessons learned from evaluating social exclusion in Limerick might contribute to broader national and international policy debates.

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