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Rassool, G Hussein (2010) Addiction for nurses. Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell.

Nurses are acknowledged as key agents in addressing alcohol and drug misuse at individual, family, and community levels. Addiction nursing is central to the assessment, management, and care of people with problematic use of psychoactive substances (both legal and illegal). Work takes place in a wide range of settings, from traditional hospital clinics and wards to community locations such as police custody suites and needle exchange facilities.

• Nursing Roles and Challenges
• Myths Attitudes and Confidence Skills in Addiction
• Addiction and Society
• Introduction to Alcohol and Drugs
• Nature and Pattern of Addiction
• Causes and Maintenance of Addiction
• Models of Care and Change
• Alcohol
• Nicotine
• Opiates
• Cannabis
• Psychostimulants
• Other Psychoactive Substances
• Nursing Emergencies and Care in Addiction
• BloodBorne Viruses
• Prevention and Harm Reduction in Addiction
• Complex and Special Needs in Addiction
• Women Ethnic Minorities and Vulnerable Populations

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