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[EMCDDA] (2012) Treatment options for cocaine users. Lisbon: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

URL: http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/html.cfm/index102340EN...

The EMCDDA's Best Practice Portal refers to the current evidence on the effectiveness of the available treatment options for cocaine and crack users.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Review
Drug Type:Cocaine
Intervention Type:AOD disorder treatment method, AOD disorder drug therapy, Psychosocial treatment method
Publisher:European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
Place of Publication:Lisbon
Accession Number:HRB (Not in collection)
Subjects:J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health care administration > Health care quality control
HJ Treatment method > Treatment outcome
B Substances > Cocaine
HJ Treatment method > Substance disorder treatment method
HJ Treatment method > Psychosocial treatment method
B Substances > Cocaine > Crack cocaine

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