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Lerner, Gene H, ed. (2004) Conversation analysis. Studies from the first generation. Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 125 Amsterdam: John Benjamins B.V. .

Table of contents:
Introductory remarks; Gene H. Lerner 1–11
Glossary of transcript symbols with an introduction; Gail Jefferson 13–31

Part I: Taking turns speaking
An initial characterization of the organization of speaker turn-taking in conversation; Harvey Sacks 35–42
A sketch of some orderly aspects of overlap in natural conversation; Gail Jefferson 43–59

Part II: Implementing actions
Answering the phone; Emanuel A. Schegloff 63–107
Investigating reported absences: 'Neutrally' catching the truants; Anita Pomerantz 109–129
“At first I thought”: A normalizing device for extraordinary events; Gail Jefferson 131–167

Part III: Sequencing actions
Pre-announcement sequences in conversation; Alene Kiku Terasaki 171–223
Collaborative turn sequences; Gene H. Lerner 225–256
The amplitude shift mechanism in conversational closing sequences; Jo Ann Goldberg 257–297
Index 299–300

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