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Demetrovics, Zsolt and Fountain, Jane and Kraus, Ludwig, eds. (2009) Old and new policies, theories, research methods and drug users across Europe. Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers .

• Dirk J. Korf: Old and new: Persistence, revival and innovation in European drug issues
• Alfred Uhl & Ludwig Kraus: Reassessing the gateway theory and its implications for drug policy
• Heino Stöver, Rick Lines & Katja Thane: Harm reduction in European prisons: Looking for champions and ways to put evidence-based approaches into practice
• Garfield (Gary) Potter: Exploring retail-level drug distribution: Social supply, ‘real’ dealers and the user/dealer interface
• Susanna Prepeliczay: Psychedelic generations: Similarities and differences of socio-cultural factors related to historic & contemporary use of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs
• Patrick McCrystal: Arriving at the party early? An exploration of the early onset use of ecstasy and cocaine in Northern Ireland
• Alastair Roy: New methods – old problems: A practical and philosophical analysis of participatory approaches to qualitative drugs research
• Paula Mayock, Jennifer Cronly & Michael Clatts: Researching ‘new’ heroin users in Ireland: An ethno-epidemiological approach

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