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Newburn, Tim, ed. (2003) Handbook of policing. Devon: Willan Publishing.

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The Handbook both reflects and addresses the massive changes and transformations that have taken place in policing in recent years, the constant debate about the role and function of the police, and the increased professionalisation of one of the country's most important services. It draws upon the expertise both of leading academics and police practitioners themselves.The Handbook of Policing is divided into four major sections. The first considers policing in its comparative and historical context; the second the context in which policing takes place, including the relationship of policing to other forms of security provision and private policing. The third section looks at how the police operate, with chapters on the analysis and investigation of crime, approaches to crime prevention, community safety, drugs, terrorism and organised crime, and the final section looks at a range of key issues and debates in contemporary policing, ranging from race and gender to ethics and restorative justice.

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