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Patton, Michael Q (2002) Qualitative research & evaluation methods. Thousand Oaks Ca.: Sage .

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This book explains clearly conceptual issues and themes on qualitative research and evaluaton methods including: qualitative data, triangulated inquiry, qualitative inquiry, constructivism, constructionism, Complexity (chaos) theory, qualitative designs and data collection, fieldwork strategies, interviewing, tape-recording, ethical issues, analysis, interpretation and reporting, observations vs. perceived impacts and utilisation-focused evaluation reporting.

Item Type:Book
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Place of Publication:Thousand Oaks Ca.
ISBN:0 7619 1971 6
Edition:3rd ed.
Keywords:research and evaluation, qualitative research method, qualitative data analysis
Notes:includes bibliographical references and index
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Subjects:R Research > Data analysis method > Qualitative data analysis
R Research > Research and evaluation method

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